How to Teach your Dog the rules of Your House

The goal of house rules for your dog is to offer affordable obedience training & problem solving so that your dog can become an integral member of your family. There are decisions that you need to make about how you want your dog to behave around the house when he’s not on command. These decisions should be made as early in your dog’s life as possible, but it’s never too late. By setting house rules for your dog, you let him know which behaviors are acceptable and which are unacceptable in your home.

Whether you seek effective puppy training methods or basic commands and obedience training. The more consistent you are in teaching and reinforcing the rules, the easier it will be for your dog to learn and respect them.


How to Teach your Dog the rules of Your House

Write the rules down and post them on the refrigerator and make sure everyone are on the same page. Here are some recommended rules and decision for you to make and correct.


Jumping on You or Visitors

Jumping on people is disrespectful, dangerous and dominant behavior. Use the SIT/STAY or another command you have taught him to stop jumping on you or others.

When your dog is a puppy keep him on a leash whenever he’s out of his crate. This way you can correct any bad behaviors instantly. You can stop him when he jumps on people, tries to go pee in the house, or runs in the house. To help you limit his in door space you can opt for baby gates

Stop possessive behavior over toys, food or anything

Possessiveness is dominance and can easily lead to aggression. Possessiveness is a serious issue and needs to be corrected immediately.

Stop Growling, Nipping or Biting

That’s aggressive behavior, no excuses! Aggression is a serious issue and needs to be corrected immediately

Jumping on furniture

Claiming a spot on furniture is dominance. Use the OFF command to get him off, or command him to WAIT for permission to jump on the furniture or bed; or command him to lay DOWN somewhere else. Crate train your dog and have him sleep in his crate at night. See the crate as the dog’s bedroom instead of a prison

No Table Scraps

NEVER give the dog food from the table unless you are prepared to have a dog that begs. It only takes a few table scraps to start the dog on a lifetime of begging when you are seated at the table not just that some of the table scraps can be harmful and in few cases extremely dangerous.

Harmful foods for dogs

Demanding too much attention, love or play

If you listen to your dog’s demands, you are encouraging dominance. Ignore his demands until he gives up and then invite him to play or get petted on your own terms. It makes a huge difference for your dog.

Humans always go first

Command your dog to get BACK and WAIT for you to go first; through doorways, tight passageways and when walking. Do not let your dog crowd or push you to get through the door first. Whoever goes first is the pack leader, always be the one up front, like a leader should.


Always feed you dog after you are done eating

Pack leader always eats first; failing to follow this house rule can create big confusion in your dog’s mind. Just incorporate this house rule into your daily eating routine.


Always feed your dog after exercise

This house rule gives your dog a healthy sense of purpose in life, exercise becomes his job and food his reward for it. Make exercise and then food part of his routine, ideally, first thing in the morning. Know more on Dog Fitness Workouts and their Benefits

Plan a dog’s daily schedule. Include daily exercise like a walk on a leash around the neighborhood not just down to the mail box. This will socialize your dog Socializing is important. The dog must learn how to behave properly around other dogs, people and kids

pet exercise


Excessive barking or over excitement

These behaviors need to be stopped quickly, before they become more difficult to control. Use the command QUIET to stop barking and ask your dog to calm down, by ignoring the behavior or by making him lay DOWN. Read more on How to Stop your Dog from Excessive Barking.


Never feed your dog if he is jumping, over excited or as a response to a bark

Your dog always needs to be very respectful and calm around food to avoid food aggression. Command your dog calm down by making him SIT or lay DOWN; wait until he is calm and submissive, then give him food or a treat.


Mounting other dogs

Mounting is a dominant behavior and can trigger an aggressive reaction from other dogs. Stop it immediately by using the command OFF, don’t allow him to try again. Also get your dog spayed or neutered to avoid many such problems and for their own health benefit.

Dog mounting other dog

Never share love when the dog is afraid, over excited, nervous or aggressive

In this case love will only make the behavior worse, because affection is a behavior reinforcer. Provide leadership by staying calm and firmly helping him to calm down without much touch or talk.



Never make a big deal about leaving or coming home

Rewarding over excitement when coming or sharing sad energy when leaving home, leads to separation anxiety. When coming home, ignore your dog until he is calm and when leaving don’t even say good-bye. He won’t be offended!



Do not yell at or hit your dog

Learn how to redirect your dog’s bad behaviors into good behaviors. Always leave a training session on a good note. Dogs remember how the session ended. Consistently following these house rules will make a big difference in your dog’s overall behavior by clearly knowing what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

To his dog, every man is Napoleon; hence the constant popularity of dogs. ~Aldous Huxley

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