To be honest, we don’t have a philosophy at all, none seriously. What we do have is a cause we fiercely believe in, and a plan of action. You may not know us personally but we are a bunch of guys who have quit our jobs and our comfort zones to take on the cause of those who cannot speak and their humans. So if you were to ask us in a nutshell, who we are and what we do, this is what we would say:

A reliable source of all things Pets and Strays: We are just starting out and it will be a long journey before we claim to be a ‘one stop solution for all your pet needs’ but what we guarantee from day 1 is we will be precise, reliable and genuinely┬áhonest in what we tell you about your Pets, their health, nutrition and healthcare in your home or outside.

We don’t recommend breeds, nor entertain breeders, ethical or otherwise, because we see the stray “problem” in front of us and refuse to be racist towards dogs and cats on the basis of how they look and where they live. Our first priority is and will be to support strays and people who work for their welfare or people who adopt them. Having said that, we will ensure you find the right information and support that allows your beautiful Labrador to live a long and healthy life.

Access to services, products and medical facilities: We endeavour to bring together all the Pet products, services and medical facility providers under the animalswecare umbrella, making them accessible to you at the click of a button, maybe two.

We do not have any financial or mutual back scratching arrangement with these guys so we and our site users get to rate them on their performance. How cool is that?

Adoptions: We are really really in to Stray adoption. In fact, we would go as far as to say we exist to find our Desi babies a loving home. So next time you find a helpless pup or a kitten in need of a home and don’t know where to go, click a decent picture and post in our adoption section and good things may happen. Do remember to share it on your network too.

However, we are very strict, idealistic and downright assholes if anyone uses our platform for sale/exchange of puppies, breed or otherwise. Remember that, would you?

Donations: Animal Welfare is a tough job in this country. The government is least concerned and so are the majority of people. Everyone wants stray issue to be tackled and no one seems to want to get their hands dirty.

Add to that, good people like you are hard to find and keep in touch with. Therefore, despite regulatory issues and lack of Payment Gateway support, we have designed a fundraising platform that exclusively helps genuine Animal Welfare Organisations, people and NGOs address healthcare, sterilisation and rehabilitation of strays in this country.

Now here is the good part. Everything you donate minus the PG and admin expenses go to the charity. We don’t keep a penny of your donation, NONE. So about 95% of all your donations end up in a helping hand. Too good to be true right? Try us.

We also keep a strict check on the funds use by the campaigners. There is no way we will let your money and our efforts go to waste fulfilling the personal goals of pseudo Animal Welfare Organisation. We ask for reports, conduct random checks, check progress of the projects after fundraising and will update you on their performance so together, we get to rate them and support the good ones.

Now the final question? How do we make our money and do what we do? There’s gotta be a catch in all this, right?

Honestly, there is none. The costs of running this service is miniscule for now and we are doing this for the love of animals and thats gotta count for something.
We are cool with the possibility of this approach not working out at all and having to let go but if it means having saved and homed even a single animal, thats enough Karma earned for a lifetime. Ofcourse, we want to help millions and be Rockstars while at it.

However there is a Big part of this project that intends to make adopting and raising pets a smaller slice of your paycheck. Stay in touch and you will be the first to know. Deal?

Love and Licks,

Team AnimalsWeCare